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Get That Look: Punch Bowl Parties

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A shared punch bowl at Chef Andre Nguyen's Big in Japan Bar. 4175 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal QC.

Back in December, The Globe and Mail ran an excellent piece on punch bowl parties, written by Beppy Crosariol.

The article listed different DIY punch bowl recipes, as well as a slew of Canadian bars that have resurrected the 18th century shared cocktail. 

Having tried Chef Andre Nguyen's shared punch bowl at Montreal's Big in Japan Bar (left), the prospect of creating our own punch bowl party had us very excited.

What really caught our eye in the Globe article, was this picture of a beautifully styled punch bowl and hors d’oeuvre table by Toronto food stylist Ashley Denton

It’s a stunning display of appetizers and punch-filled glasses that is sure to inspire your next catered event.

After reading the article, we were quick to realize that Klover Sales complete line of catering supplies has everything you need in order to host your own punch bowl party!

From plastic cups, to the perfect classy skewer, we've got you covered. Here are some tips on how to get this look using Klover Sales eco-friendly products. 

The Atma Round Transparent Cup

A classic party cup design made unique in miniature form. A recyclable and beautiful solution to disposable tableware.

Holds 2 oz or 59 ml. 

$6.48 for package of 20 pieces 

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Clear Green Bava Mini Flower Cup

Is that a mini punch bowl you're drinking from? Nope, just a unique, colourful and recyclable plastic cup! Impress your guests by using these tinted green cups.

Holds 4 oz or 125 ml.

$6.00 for package of 20 pieces

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The Taiti Mini Square Cup

Perfect size to allow your guests to sample each punch you serve without overdoing it. The clear, square design shows off the punch's delicious colours.

Holds 2 oz or 60 ml. 

$7.37 for package of 30 pieces 

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The BIJOU Bamboo Pick with White Pearl

The reflective white pearl bead compliments the glass punch bowls, making your entire table glisten. Perfect for serving fruit, desserts or vegetables in an elegant way.

Available in tow sizes (90mm/3.5'' or 120mm/4.75'') 

$9.16 for package of 100 pieces 

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ATAMI Bamboo Pick Black End with Red Bead

Give your table a playful touch with these decorative skewers. The red beads enhance food presentation and are made from eco-friendly bamboo.

3.15'' or 90mm, $6.36 for package of 100 pieces

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Silver Oval Oscar Appetizer Spoon

This appetizer spoon looks just like silver metal, but is plastic and recyclable. Perfect for serving bite-sized portions of a delicious appetizer.

4x1.5x0.8'' (103x40x20mm) 

$44.64 for package of 200 pieces

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IWAKI Bamboo Spoon

Another eco-friendly alternative to plastic cutlery. This bamboo spoon will make any one-bite appetizer look polished and professional.

3.5x1.8'' or 90x45mm, 0.25oz or 7.4ml 

$18.00 for package of 25 pieces 

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