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Top 5 Eco-Friendly Chef Products for Spring

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Now that the cold days of winter are behind us, chefs and catering companies can start gearing up for the next big food event season: spring! Warm weather means outdoor weddings, garden parties, picnics and festivals. 

Outdoor catering events during the spring provide the perfect setting to integrate eco-friendly chef supplies into your catering routine. Not only will your customers appreciate that you are being environmentally concious, but Klover Sales products are made from wood, bamboo, palm and paper, which match perfectly with the outdoor setting. 

Chef Vanessa Yeung/Aphrodite Cooks

John Higgins from George Brown Chef School at Eigensinn Farm Wild Leek Festival

Here are five of our most popular spring products, used by top caterers and chefs for outdoor events:

Mini Wooden Cup

- Serves hot and cold appetizers 

- Perfect for serving parfaits and desserts  

- Matches perfectly with any of our disposable skewers or cutlery

- Disposable cup that is 100% biodegradable 

Flower Skewer

- Seasonally appropriate for spring catering 

- Comes in package of assorted flower colours

- Great for catering weddings and upscale events 

- Improves food presentation by adding a unique touch 

Bamboo Leaf Spoon

- A favourite chef supply for serving canapés 

- Displays single bite hors d'oeuvre with elegance 

- Impress your guests with your professional catering

- Disposable spoon made from biodegradable bamboo

Square Wood Plate

- Holds appetizers, desserts or side dishes 

- Sturdy and strong disposable plate 

- Made from elegant wood for upscale catering 

- Light weight, ecofriendly alternative to styrofoam    

Mini Wooden Clip

- Catering accessory that adds flare to dishes 

- Can be used as a clothespin to hold place cards 

- Shows off chef's creativity and attention to detail

- Allows event planners to label food tables