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5 Tips for Chefs on How to Achieve Instagram Worthy Dishes

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Whether you are a caterer, professional chef, restaurant owner (or all three!) you are well aware of both the financial and time constraints of the food industry. So much of a chef’s time is spent either sourcing ingredients or prepping the kitchen for cooking, that at the end of the day, food plating and presentation can fall by the wayside.

The problem with this dilemma is that these days, customers increasingly judge a restaurant and catering company solely based on pictures. Social media has created a very competitive environment in which food professionals need to show off their creativity by serving the most visually appealing dishes.

In order to build your food service company’s reputation as the best in the business, chefs need to make sure that their food looks just as good as it tastes. Klover Sales is here to help you with these 5 quick and inexpensive tips for creating Instagram worthy food pictures.

1. Sugarcane Plates

Sugarcane is one of the most affordable eco-friendly chef supplies available. It is also super convenient since the material is lightweight and disposable, which means you don’t need to lug around heavy porcelain to your events. 


Use Klover Sales Sugarcane Square Plate to instantly turn your dishes more beautiful. The plain white background will act as a canvas, showcasing the natural colours in your ingredients.

2. Decorative Skewers and Picks

Classic skewer options for chefs like NOSHI Bamboo Looped Skewers and TEPPO GUSHI Bamboo Paddle Picks are always safe bets, but if you are having professional photos taken at one of your events, chefs should consider something more unique.


“The Heart” Bamboo Pick with Red or Natural Ball is a special type of skewer that will make your hors d’oeuvres stand out amongst competitors.

3. Grease Proof Paper

One of the most unappealing things a customer can see on their plate is grease. Oil or grease residue can easily turn a cute fry basket or chip cone into a soggy mess. 


Greaseproof paper like our Newsprint Paper for Mini Fryer Basket or Brown Kraft Paper will keep grease stains under control while also dressing up your food display. Serve with any deep-fried snack and your customers will be posting pictures online in no time!

4. Bamboo Boats

One of our most complimented disposable chef supplies available, Bamboo Boats never cease to impress restaurant goers. Just search #foodfestival on Instagram and you will see how often dishes served in boats are shared through social media. 


Klover Sales offers the widest range in sizes for both Bamboo and Wood Boats, providing our chefs with the opportunity to serve any item on their menu in one of these beautiful vessels. 

5. Mini Steamers and Dishes

The final – and most important – way to achieve dishes worthy of being shared to friends and followers, is providing a new experience to customers. 


If you serve your customers using one of Klover Sales many brand new and unique chef supplies, such as the Black Mini Dish or DIM SUM Bamboo Steamer, your customers will be thinking about their meal long after the bill arrives.

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